• Barron River Canyon
  • Heron Lake
  • Pinetree Lake
  • Rowan Lake
  • Ryan Lake
  • Whitson Lake

Future target regions (2013+):

  • Biggar Lake (Access 1)
  • Brain Lake area (Access 28)
  • Carcajou Lake area (Access 22)
  • Farm and Kitty Lakes (Access 17)
  • Little Trout Lake area (Access 3)
  • Potter Lake area (Access 5)
  • Welcome Lake area (Access 9)
  • Wilkins Lake (Access 18)
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If there are features of a lake or its shoreline you'd like identified or a waterbody you'd like to request for sounding please feel free to suggest it.   Please keep in mind that because the soundings are collected by either a canoe or kayak, the lakes targeted are kept to less than 500 hectares in size.  For example: Ralph Bice Lake covers 477 hectares. It took close to 5 days solo in the kayak to properly sound it. Over 32 hours of paddling covering 149 km of transects under near-perfect paddling conditions to collect six hundred thousand points. Targeting a lake such as Big Trout Lake (1400+ hectares) would take 2 weeks of windless weather to cover properly and over 2 million points would be captured. Even small lakes of less than 15 hectares require 2 hours of sounding in a canoe or kayak to ensure adequate transect coverage and the capture of surface features.       

Other notes:

  1. The maps' contours are marked in standard units only (feet). The majority of maps use contour intervals of 3 feet or 1 meter, making a virtual conversion on the fly rather easy for those preferring metric. Should a sufficient volume of users request labeling in metric units (meters) they will be made available.
  2. A Volume 3 map book may be generated that will include angling and species information on fishing for warm water sport fish inhabiting the park: smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye and northern pike (with the possibility of adding channel catfish and/or muskellunge). In addition to describing techniques and locational patterns the publication will also contain a number of bathymetric maps of lakes supporting populations of those species.
  3. Thicker laminated copies (5 and/or 10 Ml) map products are currently being considered for all map sizes. Please contact me for more information.

Should you have any other comments, suggestions or questions please feel free to contact me.