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Harkness Laboratories

Fisheries Research within Algonquin Park
Algonquin Animals

Brook Trout Research in Algonquin Park
Invasive Species

Awareness and ID
MNR Publications

Aquatic research and fish studies
Fishing Ontario

Fishing tactics and species behavior
Ontario Anglers
Fish weight calculator by species
Ontario Fishing Regulations

Fishing Regulations, license, season and possession info
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Information on aquatic organisms/events
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Anglers Atlas

Free bathymetric maps of Algonquin Park (circa 1970)

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Coastal Watch for Ice Conditions
Google Earth

Satellite Imagery, 3D Mapping Application
Jeffrey McMurtrie  Algonquin Park Map

Best map of its kind available
Algonquin Park Website

Latest News and Information
Markus's Algonquin Page
Trip logs and personal reflections
Algonquin Adventures

Community Forum for Algonquin Park Advice/Help/History
Backcountry Recipes

Tasty meals and treats conducive to back-country camping

Animated knots for camping, fishing etc

Wild Edibles, Do-It Yourself crafts, etc

Star Charts and Nightly Events, Forecast link
Algonquin Outfitters
Park information and rental services, water taxi, latest park conditions
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Weather Prediction
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